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[OT] Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

David Liontooth wrote:
> Tudiatya wrote:
>>if my CPU support
>>higher speeds, I won't let it go by default.
> I wasn't arguing against overclocking, just turn it off for the sake of
> getting an installation going.
> You'll be loosing sympathy fast if you insist on creating unnecessary
> installation problems. Once
> you have your system installed you can solve this secondary issue.

On a tangential note, some of the motherboards have problems when
overclocked with only some of the SATA controllers.  I'm running an Asus
AV8-Deluxe and ran into lockups during bootup using the VIA controller, but
after moving the drive over to the Promise 20378 (non-RAID mode, obviously),
no issues.  It would never have occurred to try this me except for some
comments about this mobo and OCing on one of the OC websites
(http://www.xtremesystems.org/, IIRC).

Anyway, to echo David's response, if a driver works when the system is
normally clocked, I would look to something other than the driver if I
started experiencing problems with OCing (for example, mobo BIOS updates).

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