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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

Ah.. I'm givin' up :(

Look, some web pages say, my Neo2 Platinum uses 3114, you say it uses 3512.
I'm confused. But anyway, it uses sata_sil, in that we agree at least, so
forget the numbers.. they don't matter.. sata_sil will be our starting-out

"I don't get the point oif overclocking, so I see no great loss there."

But I get it. Much more responsive system, more than 50fps boost in games,
especially the processor-consuming Counter-Strike .. if my CPU support
higher speeds, I won't let it go by default.

"3. I don't recall now, but it's possible that the sata_nv has
problems in 2.6.8. If that's the case, I would install Debian on
a sata_sil drive, and then upgrade the kernel"

That's what the whole topic is about - installing Debian on a sata_sil
drive. I don't want anything else. I just want the installer to see my hdd
when it's connected to the sata_sil ports - that's it ! Easy, right ? No, it
doesn't seem to be easy. :( I don't get words on that ..

"4. To use the nforce3 NIC, you'll need a more recent kernel in
any case -- I recommend vanilla 2.6.12-rc2 from kernel.org,
but kernel-source-2.6.11 is available from Debian and may
work fine. The NIC needs the forcedeth driver. Note that it
doesn't show up in lspci, but it works fine."

Nothing's wrong with the nForce3 NIC, where did you got that ??? Forcedeth
works, NIC detected, ip got through DHCP - no problems at all.. forget the
NIC please, I'm still trying to focus on sata_sil .. :(

". If you have a second Marvell Yukos NIC, it may still need
some firmware not included in Debian (not free); a working
driver is available in the vanilla kernel (sk98lin)"

The same. I disabled it anyway in the BIOS.

"Running a live CD and getting a lspci, lsmod, and dmesg output is
always worth doing, even before asking for help!"

Alright, I'm going to download the SuSe Live CD and we'll see.


If the debian-installer doesn't support your SATA device,
then the standard procedure would be to send the output
of lspci and lspci -n to the debian-boot mailing list,
asking for support.

As a workaround to make your machine install I would
suggest to manually load the sata_sil module at installation
time. Boot in expert mode, and try to

modprobe sata_sil

on another console (Alt-F2) before entering the partitioning

Did it. Nothing. :(((

Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes.. I'm doing the lspci thing..

*** Grrr.. ***

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