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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

> I wasn't arguing against overclocking, just turn it off for the sake of
> getting an installation going.
> You'll be loosing sympathy fast if you insist on creating unnecessary
> installation problems. Once
> you have your system installed you can solve this secondary issue.

Unnecessary installation problems ? Sympathy ? Don't make me laugh and don't
come with this kind of tale ..

Everybody who develops Debian is interested in making it always more
flexible so there're always more people who can try and use it. Debian is by
now the best balanced linux between "hardcore" and "newbie" level - you can
use Debian both way, just what you think you really are. It wouldn't be a
good project if it wasn't supporting lots of hardware devices, especially on
the quite-new A64 platform (where there aren't so much manufacturers and
devices on the market than in the i386 branch).

So, you think, first I have to disable overclocking (Super-Pi, Prime95 and
Memtest rock stable for hours), then go the sata_nv way, and after I set up
everything, try to switch back to sata_sil ?

Does it solve my problem ? Yes, of course.

But that's not the way I'd like Debian Installer to work.

Look at that Knoppix .. I just pressed the ENTER key at boot, and after a
while KDE is on my monitor, ADSL is up and running, and my partitions are
mounted (yeah, that's it ! They made it !). At that point I don't care about
atomatized boot process (I can switch it off later), but I care about the
fact that a Debian-based distribution handles my HDD correctly - except that
it's a live CD. I could copy it to the HDD but that's just another way to
escape - nothing more.

I don't think it would be so hard to integrate this kind of support into the
Debian Installer. I don't care about sata_nv and other non-flexible things..
I need power for my games, especially under linux where they tend to run a
bit slower, and I also need my HDD of course :) - that's all in a Debian

As you can see, I'm just trying to put some pressure on the A64 boot image
developers, perhaps I can contribute to the A64 community and solve their
SATA problem too ! (And don't forget: a majority of them overclocks, since
A64 processors are really good overclocker beasts, but it should NOT be a
problem for now as long as Knoppix runs flawlessly - am I right ?).

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