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Re: Floppies for amd64 ?

>> > I have installed lilo_22.5.9-
>> Well no idea about lilo.
>  Yeah, I think a lot of people use GRUB.  except for the big-RAM problem,
> (which is fixed now), grub has no trouble booting 64bit kernels.

I know it's a bit off-subject, but I'd like to point out the very painful
USB keyboard problem with Grub at least on AMD64 which was discussed a bit
earlier. Imo, it's a far too large issue to be ignored in some cases. I
wish they could fix it but even more, I'd appreciate (perhaps an upcoming)
installer support for lilo on AMD64. I have switched off half a dozen
personal P4 boxes to AMD64, but I don't plan to switch back to PS/2 KVM's.

Kyuu 'Vekotin' Eturautti

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