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Re: Floppies for amd64 ?

Am 2004-09-07 15:19:10, schrieb Lennart Sorensen:
> On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 08:51:15PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > How to Boot from network ?
> > I have no 'tftpd' running ?
> So run one.  Plenty of them around.  Easy to setup.
> > Because the floppies are working properly even with my Intel 1000MT
> Well that's new.
> > I use 2.4.26 curenly
> But is that an amd64 kernel or just i386?


> > A release which does detect a deactivated on-board NIC 
> > which does not work and not find a INTEL GBit NIC
> Well it SHOULD find the intel.

And I can nocht use the 10/100 MBit nic, because the Switch is GigaBit

> I suspect someone would like bug reports about that then, since it
> should work.  I have tried the sarge installer on a number of different
> machines (some not even x86) and it has worked fine in most cases so
> far.

I have an MSI-Mainboard K8D Master 3 wit two Opterons and 8 GByte 
of memory, but can not get SMP on amd64/SID working...

Running i386 WOODY or SARGE with SMP works fine...

> But that still just gives you i386 right?

I have gotten a script which I use to install amd64 packages and it 
was written from one of the contributors on this List. 

Do not know his name... was for 6 or 7 Month or something like this.

But there are some errors... while configuring... and writing the 

Oh yes, there was someone which has told me that there is another 
bootstrap program which can do this and installing lilo, the kernel 
and dependencies to...

Where can I find this bootstrap package ?

> Len Sorensen


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