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Re: Floppies for amd64 ?

Hello Lennart, 

Am 2004-09-07 08:33:20, schrieb Lennart Sorensen:

> The daily builds of the debian-installer (which does sarge and sid
> installs) has hdmedia install option, which I suspect might be an option
> for a usb key.  It also has a netboot image, which I tend to find useful
> for booting machines without messing with CD/floppy stuff.  That is if
> you were trying to install amd64 support.

How to Boot from network ?
I have no 'tftpd' running ?

> Why would you install woody on it at all?  The hardware is much too new

Because the floppies are working properly even with my Intel 1000MT

> to be even close to well supported by woody's 2.4.18 kernel, and sarge

I use 2.4.26 curenly

> is looking very close to ready for release, and of course woody doesn't

A release which does detect a deactivated on-board NIC 
which does not work and not find a INTEL GBit NIC

> have amd64 support, while sarge might soon have it (depending on a few
> things happening it seems) and sid should have full support soon if it
> doesn't already.  

The debian-installer installs someting but not a working system...
If I start the CD, it ask me three or four  questions and it 
install the whole thing and after rebooting nothing does work

I do not like to download every day tonns of ISO images for nothing...

> I would grab the floppies for i386 sarge and install that, then

Do not work...

> debootstrap amd64, or get the netinstall or hdmedia install for amd64
> fro the ports-status page and install that.  netbooting is generally not
> that hard to get working.

Now I have created a 250 MB hda1 partiton with Woody and it works...

Then I have installed debootstrap and installed on a second 
partition SID. and after this, I have chrooted and installed 
a 2.4.27 Kernel and put lilo in hda5

Back in hda1 I have setup lilo for the hda5 and now it works...

Note:   I hate the debian-installer !
        It is like Windows...
        ...it installs something and you do not know what !

Oh yes, I have had false keymaps, false /etc/networking/interfaces
false /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf...

> Len Sorensen


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