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Re: Iceweasel [was Re: firefox-8.0.1]

On 27/11/11 19:06, Bob Tracy wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 04:42:17AM +0000, Matt Turner wrote:
>> Hardly worth it. There's no upgrade for a PWS that's going to make it fast.
> Fast is relative.  Besides, if nearly tripling the amount of RAM in my
> system can eliminate even a little of the paging I'm seeing during
> larger package builds, the build times will decrease by a non-trivial
> (if unquantifiable) amount. 

Non-trivial is an understatement.  It makes a huge difference.

I just happened to log into the buildd Imago a moment ago and it took an
unusually long time.  Running free revealed (after a nail-biting delay)
that all 1GByte memory is in use, and that 1.6 Gbyte of 2 Gbyte swap is
in use.  This is while building yade.  Yes, there are some pretty
resource hungry builds to be done.  One build even crashed Imago when it
exhausted swap and the kernel oom-killer was invoked and took out
crucial processes.  So, yeah, having more memory really helps!

Having said that, I would only get RAM for a PWS if it is dirt cheap.


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