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Re: Iceweasel [was Re: firefox-8.0.1]

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 01:34:55PM +1300, Michael Cree wrote:
> On 26/11/11 17:05, Bob Tracy wrote:
> >>>  Might have to have you crank out an official "-O0" or
> >>> "-O1" build of QT4 so I can release the hold on 25 binary packages.
> >>
> >> OK, I'll take a look at that one.  I presume you mean qt4-x11?
> > 
> > That would be the one.  I'd be interested in the build time for it as
> > well.  If your iceweasel build time is indicative, I'm guessing you
> > might complete qt4-x11 in about 15 hours as a single-process build.
> Guess again.
> >From the end of the build log:
> Build needed 03:42:54, 3254948k disc space

Shazam!  Dat be some kinda fast machine, dere.

> I must admit I am a bit stunned by how quick that was.  It may well be
> that the build for qt4-x11 detects the number of CPUs and builds in
> parallel for part of the build (though I didn't realise that happening
> the very occassional time I checked on the build), or maybe your build
> was utterly crippled by virtual memory switching.

Let's go with that last one.  I was pretty sure I had more physical RAM
in my PWS 433au than I evidently do: /proc/meminfo implies I've got
somewhere in the vicinity of 576 MB, at least 512 MB of which is what I
purchased for the beast back in 2005 for US$96 (4x128MB).  Swap is
approx. 1.5 GB, so you may safely assume the poor machine was thrashing
quite a bit.  Just to get qt4-x11 to build required configuring an
additional GB of swap as a file within one of the filesystems that had
enough free space.  Not exactly a good recipe for efficient performance.
The 433au supports up to 1.5 GB of PC66 RAM in six slots, so I'll try to
find 6x256 MB sticks if I can find them somewhere at a good price.  Back
in 2005, my vendor of choice was http://www.kahlon.com, and they only
had the 512 MB kit (4x128MB).

> Or maybe I cocked up
> the configuration file and most of it has been left unbuilt.  It did
> produce 50 deb files.

That sounds like the correct count.  I installed 25 of the packages, and
most of what I *didn't* install was debug packages.

> I have not yet uploaded to unreleased.  Think I'll check it over a
> little more.

If you have the time/inclination, install "kdm" and see if you can use
it to login without it segfaulting on you.  "kdm" supports other session
types besides plasma-desktop, so you don't have to install the whole
KDE4 infrastructure to do the test.


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