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Re: Iceweasel [was Re: firefox-8.0.1]

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 09:23:01PM +1300, Michael Cree wrote:
> ...
> 2) Set optimization to use -O1 not -O2.
> 3) Now this one is *very* *interesting*.  I added -Wl,--no-relax to
> LDFLAGS in debian/rules, but I think I got it wrong, because --no-relax
> did not appear anywhere in the logs, i.e., it did not get added to any
> of the linking stages, and what's more, the build completed without
> GPREL16 relocation errors!!!!!!!  Make of that what you will.
> It is installed and working on a PWS600au under the xfce4 desktop
> environment, with KMS on a HD2400 Radeon card.

:-).  There was a recent binutils upgrade.  I wonder...  Which compiler
version did you use for your build?  Regardless, I'm going to have to
try "-O1" the next time around: I'm getting tired of having to stick
pins in the "nsThreadUtils*" voodoo doll to get this thing built and

As far as where to put the "-Wl,--no-relax" in the rules file, I
couldn't figure that one out so I put it in the usual place except for
one significant change: the debian build process for iceweasel has no
dependency on autoconf, so adding "-Wl,--no-relax" to DSO_LDOPTS in
"configure.in" is only half of it -- you have to make the corresponding
changes to "configure" as well.  The "no dependency on autoconf" thing
is probably because the Mozilla code base still requires the obsolete
2.13 version.

Ok...  Rub it in :-).  How long did the iceweasel build take on your
shiny new toy?  Might have to have you crank out an official "-O0" or
"-O1" build of QT4 so I can release the hold on 25 binary packages.
If you decide to do me that favor, you *may* have to modify the
appropriate files under "mkspecs": I couldn't find an easy way to do
what I wanted through either DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS or the rules file.


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