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Re: firefox-8.0.1

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 04:16:54PM -0600, Bob Tracy wrote:
> The subject release appeared less than a day ago, so it seemed like a
> good time to try out gcc/g++-4.6.  Will try a non-optimized build
> without the "nsThreadUtils*" patches to see how that goes.  When I last
> tried such a build (version 4.0.1), I got segfaults until I put the
> "nsThreadUtils*" patches back in :-(.  Still don't understand *why*
> those patches (which are essentially a downgrade to older code) should
> have any effect: by inspection, the new code appears to be equivalent.
> Obviously, the compiler thinks otherwise :-(, which is why I'm trying
> the current build with the new compiler and without those patches.

Didn't want to spam the list with updates until I actually had something
good to report.  Michael got the sporadic news from the battlefield :-).

firefox-8.0.1 is built.  Between 4.0.1 and 8.0.1, enough has changed
that the build times on my PWS 433au have increased from 8 hours to just
under 2 days.  Using gcc/g++-4.6 was successful: no optimization.  The
"nsThreadUtils*" patches were required.  Michael reports success with
"-O1" and *no* "nsThreadutils*" patches.  Default optimization (-O2)
fails regardless of whether the "nsThreadUtils*" patches are used.
Looks like we may have a place to begin looking for the optimizer bug.

The ES45 machines have arrived!  An "iceweasel" build should be
available in the Alpha "unstable" repository in a few days.


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