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Re: testing wanted: debian-installer, now with 2.6.15

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 12:16:23AM -0800, phusg wrote:
> > Well, I'm afraid I'm just about done putting time into this issue unless
> > someone can give me a pointer to where the problem is, or donate a Multia
> > to
> > me to work on directly; there's just too much ground to cover, with *both*
> > kernel updates *and* aboot updates breaking the images, for me to try to
> > sort it out when I don't have one of these boxes at hand.

> Funny you should say that seeing as I have 3 knocking about ;-)

> But actually yes, I have been looking to donate something to debian for a
> while (was told last time I asked that cash wasn't really necessary)

Huh -- while Debian doesn't need much in the way of money to keep running,
we do accept donations through ffis, e.V. (in Germany) and other
national/regional representative orgs, and we do find ways of putting the
money to use.

> and this would be as good of a way as any. Assuming you'd be interested in
> one of these multia's?

I wouldn't have any use for such a machine outside of compatibility testing
with Debian, and I can't guarantee I'd be successful at that; but if you
think *you* would get benefit out of a fix for Debian on Multia, I'd be
willing to receive it and work on this in odd moments.

> The main problem is that 2 of them have a dead JBAT and thus won't boot.
> Obviously I'd rather keep the one working JBAT, but then you can probably
> lay your hands on a 4.5V battery somewhere.

Right, that doesn't sound like much of an obstacle.

> Now practicalities. What's your address? I'm in the Netherlands, so
> hopefully you're in Europe, as they ain't exactly light!

Nope, I'm in the US, sorry.

> Do you have an external SCSI CDROM and cable?

No, I don't.  I do have a SCSI CDROM, but I don't have an enclosure for it.
At least initially, though, I'd be focusing on getting netboot working in
order to save on CDs; with luck, whatever fixes it for netboot will fix it
for CD booting as well.

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