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Re: testing wanted: debian-installer, now with 2.6.15

Steve Langasek wrote:

>As of two days ago, the debian-installer svn tree has been switched to use
>Linux 2.6.15 exclusively on alpha, instead of the previous 2.4.27.  This
>means that with the most recent daily builds, all installer images for alpha
>are using 2.6 kernels *only*, and the current plan is that d-i beta2 will be
>the same.  If you haven't tried 2.6 on your alpha yet, now would be a good
>time so you can let us know if it doesn't work before we drop 2.4 for etch
   Well, this doesn't boot on mulitas. Not on mine, at least, and it's
got 256mb ram, if that makes any difference. I sure wish this problem
would get fixed in future releases.

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