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Re: testing wanted: debian-installer, now with 2.6.15

Harmon Seaver wrote:
> Steve Langasek wrote:
>>As of two days ago, the debian-installer svn tree has been switched to use
>>Linux 2.6.15 exclusively on alpha, instead of the previous 2.4.27.  This
>>means that with the most recent daily builds, all installer images for
>>are using 2.6 kernels *only*, and the current plan is that d-i beta2 will
>>the same.  If you haven't tried 2.6 on your alpha yet, now would be a good
>>time so you can let us know if it doesn't work before we drop 2.4 for etch
>    Well, this doesn't boot on mulitas. Not on mine, at least, and it's
> got 256mb ram, if that makes any difference. I sure wish this problem
> would get fixed in future releases.

I'd love this too. I've got a multia (or three!) lined up and waiting for a
Debian stable installation, but I can't boot off the sarge install CD. I do
get a couple of soft errors when reading from my SCSI CDROM before aboot
kicks off, but it only hangs when aboot starts the kernel with arguments...

My multia has 64MB ram if that makes a difference.

Also I'd prefer a CD image as my DHCP server isn't set up for BOOTP/TFTP
ethernet installation (or whatever) I only have samba shares ;-)

Also it would be great if the milo images could be included again. I also
have an XLT which doesn't have SRM that I'm trying to install Linux on. The
furthest I've got is installing woody but then upgrading the kernel (to 2.4
or 2.6) doesn't work for me (although this could likely be my incompetence).
I've also tried installing Gentoo (which uses a 2.4 kernel from the CD) but
also there upgrading to a compiled 2.6 kernel doesn't boot for me, see

This thread also has details about the CCC complied Boinc client with some
major performance increases over the gcc client. The guy over at
http://www.guntec.de/Crunch3r/setialpha.html also has a EV4 (multia) CCC
compiled seti@home which he mailed me but he hasn't ye put up on his site. I
obviously haven't yet been able to confirm that it works.

I'd appreciate a heads-up if there's a new etch CD image with a 2.6 kernel
that's worth burning and testing on a multia.

Keep up the good work guys! Especially you Steve, you're the man! ;-)

Thanks a lot,
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