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Re: testing wanted: debian-installer, now with 2.6.15

phusg wrote:

>Funny you should say that seeing as I have 3 knocking about ;-)
>But actually yes, I have been looking to donate something to debian for a
>while (was told last time I asked that cash wasn't really necessary) and
>this would be as good of a way as any. Assuming you'd be interested in one
>of these multia's? The main problem is that 2 of them have a dead JBAT and
>thus won't boot. Obviously I'd rather keep the one working JBAT, but then
>you can probably lay your hands on a 4.5V battery somewhere. For the rest
>they were working fine last time they were operational. I can spare 64 MB of
>ECC SIMM over 4 slots and they each have a 1 GB internal SCSI drive.
       I just use 3 AAA cells in a plastic battery box I got a Radio
Shack. Much cheaper than those 4.5v JBAT.

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