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Re: smp problems on AlphaServer 4100

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 09:47:04AM -0800, Bill MacAllister wrote:

> >With which kernel?  FWIW, kernel panics in 2.6.8 are probably not going to
> >get much attention unless they're widespread, as most efforts are
> >(naturally) focused on the next release; but if you can forward us a
> >backtrace from these kernel panics (sent through ksymoops as needed), we
> >might at least be able to suggest a workaround.  Otherwise, you could try
> >2.6.15 from unstable, to see if it addresses your bug -- or press for it
> >to be fixed for etch if not.

> The kernel panics happened in both the 2.4.28 kernel I built and the stock 
> Debian 2.6.8 generic kernel.  Whichs makes one expect a hardware issues, 
> i.e. something is broke.

Well, no, it just makes me suspect that the smp images we shipped in sarge
are completely untested on alpha, and as a result completely broken.

> I agree that debugging old software does not sound useful, so I will work 
> on building a current kernel.  This usually takes me a couple of iterations 
> to get the devices right.  I guess I could use the kernel from etch, but I 
> would only want the kernel from unstable.  I am not enough of an apt-get 
> expert to know how to get only one package from unstable.  Hmmm, maybe I 
> should just dpkg install the .deb for the kernel?

You should be able to do that, but you will also need an initramfs generator
package, since 2.6.15 doesn't support devfs and initrd-tools depends on
devfs for operation.  If you already have a 2.6 kernel running, the easiest
should be to install yaird and linux-image-2.6.15-1-alpha-smp; those should
be the only two packages you need from etch.

But also note that since you mention you're using qlogic drivers, the
problem described at
<http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2006/02/msg00159.html> probably

> I don't know how to get a backtrace.  The system is really locked up when 
> it panics.  Pointing me to some documentation would be sufficient.

Hmm, a kernel panic implies that a backtrace should be printed to the

> >As mentioned in my other mail, I have an Adaptec AHA-2940U/UW/D running
> >here that SRM sees just fine, to my very great surprise.

> What system is this?

It's an LX164 system.

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