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Re: Didier speak-with script?


Maybe you missed Diidier's reply to this list about how it does not
work in Debian, unless someone rewrites it for Debian.  Here's the

Didier Spaier
6:44 PM (3 hours ago)
to debian-accessibility

The script will only work as intended if someone adapts it to Debian,
or rewrites
it for Debian. There is no other way.

There is no mention of "embedded voices" in the voxin README because
the file comes from the Voxin Embedded voice installation files.  The
installation is the same as the other voxin IBM
 TTS voices, so there is no need to specifically mention embedded
voices by name - the files is within the Embedded Voxin installation
file, obviously it's about those voices.

Have you installed speechd-up?

What is the output of "apt search speechd-up"



On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 8:36 PM Chime Hart <chime@hubert-humphrey.com> wrote:
> OK David, will send you that file off-list. Meanwhile rebooted, no change.
> Looked in the voxin README file in an allison sub-directory, but seemingly no
> mentions of embedded voices. And lastly, Didier suggested I subscribe-and-ask
> about his script on this list.
> Chime

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