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Re: Didier speak-with script?

Debian doesn't have the file /proc/config.gz.

What does the script call your dectalk device?

I will assume it calls it "dectalk" so if you use this:

"speak-with dectalk"

It should speak with your dectalk and to change it to speak with your
Voxin embedded voice which is listed when I run speak-with as
"speechd-up", I would run this:
Does the script work if you use:

speak-with speechd-up

Does this work for you?



On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 3:37 PM Chime Hart <chime@hubert-humphrey.com> wrote:
> Hi All: I hope I am now subscribed to this list? Didier, an author of Slint
> wrote this script to enable us to more easily switch synthisizers. I would
> actually like to switch among my DecTalk U S B and an embedded Voxin voice, but
> when I run his script, I receive this error
> gzip: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory
> Back again live, when running his script in Slint, it seems to know a list of
> available synths. Not sure why, but in Slint its called "talk-with" while his
> public releace is "speak-with"? He suggested I post his script as an atachment
> to this list, as he doesn't really use Debian. Thanks so much in advance
> Chime

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