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Re: Reviewing data in the debian-cd packages

Hi Geert,

The description there gives little detail on the contents of the .info files
aside from the icon image data. Is the file name of the associated script
encoded in the icon file itself?

The icon file name for <file> is <file>.info.
But you can have icons withour corresponding files, which is typically
used for scripts (the Default Tool in the info file points to
SYS:System/CLI, and the Tool Types in the info file specify the script

IconX has also be mentioned as a tool to use. It should be possible to spot either in the example info files.

What would the device name for a CD be in AmigaOS?

If it's just about the image data, a conversion tool could be written for

ppmtoinfo(1). But it doesn't seem to be able to set the Default Tool or
Tool Types.

Thanks - I only found the infotoppm man page and it said ppmtoinfo did not
exist ...

The code for ppmtoinfo may need to be moved from amiwm to some other package perhaps, or a replacement written (amiwm is non-free due to it's license).

Do the icons need the script bit set?

Don't think so.

Fine, so all we'd need to know is the path to the install script on the CD as seen by AmigaOS? Or does it correctly try to launch the script of the same basename in the same directory if the script file name is missing?


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