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Re: Reviewing data in the debian-cd packages


IIRC the initial .info files (icon data needed by AmigaOS in order to
start particular install shell scripts) were created by Frank Neumann.
The others are by Christian. All were intended for distribution with the
install CDs (but Christian should perhaps confirm that). My impression
was that these files are created by some sort of resource editor which is
part of AmigaOS, so there's no source (though the file format should not
be too difficult to reverse engineer).

Uh, well... IconEditor is part of every AmigaOS installation. But there's no
magic in the file format and usually there should be tools that can convert
from/to *.info. At least http://linux.die.net/man/1/infotopam gives a short
description of the format and I wouldn't mind if someone would replace the
old icons with some (smaller) new ones. ;)

The description there gives little detail on the contents of the .info files aside from the icon image data. Is the file name of the associated script encoded in the icon file itself?

If it's just about the image data, a conversion tool could be written for Linux.

They probably shouldn't be living in tar archives anyway. :)
Perhaps not - there may be special permissions required for these files
to be properly recognized, though (at least that's the case for start

True, Amiga file permissions are rather different from Unix file
permissions. Just mind the Script (S) or Delete (D) flags.

Do the icons need the script bit set?


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