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Re: Reviewing data in the debian-cd packages

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > IIRC the initial .info files (icon data needed by AmigaOS in order to
> > > start particular install shell scripts) were created by Frank Neumann.
> > > The others are by Christian. All were intended for distribution with the
> > > install CDs (but Christian should perhaps confirm that). My impression
> > > was that these files are created by some sort of resource editor which is
> > > part of AmigaOS, so there's no source (though the file format should not
> > > be too difficult to reverse engineer).
> > 
> > Uh, well... IconEditor is part of every AmigaOS installation. But there's no
> > magic in the file format and usually there should be tools that can convert
> > from/to *.info. At least http://linux.die.net/man/1/infotopam gives a short
> > description of the format and I wouldn't mind if someone would replace the
> > old icons with some (smaller) new ones. ;)
> The description there gives little detail on the contents of the .info files
> aside from the icon image data. Is the file name of the associated script
> encoded in the icon file itself?

The icon file name for <file> is <file>.info.
But you can have icons withour corresponding files, which is typically
used for scripts (the Default Tool in the info file points to
SYS:System/CLI, and the Tool Types in the info file specify the script

> If it's just about the image data, a conversion tool could be written for
> Linux.

ppmtoinfo(1). But it doesn't seem to be able to set the Default Tool or
Tool Types.

> > > > They probably shouldn't be living in tar archives anyway. :)
> > > Perhaps not - there may be special permissions required for these files
> > > to be properly recognized, though (at least that's the case for start
> > > scripts).
> > 
> > True, Amiga file permissions are rather different from Unix file
> > permissions. Just mind the Script (S) or Delete (D) flags.
> Do the icons need the script bit set?

Don't think so.



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