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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit (SOLVED)

Hi Finn,

> When using DSL from the mac, is the switch involved, or is the mac plugged
> into the DSL router directly? When the DSL router is plugged into the
> switch, does it negotiate a 10 Mb/s link with the switch? Maybe you can
> hang the mac off a 10 MBit hub as a workaround (if you have one handy).

hehe, it goes thru the same router i cannot access with a direct
connection. I can't send SMTP to that router either. Yet downloading
with that router as NAT gateway works perfectly. ;)

I've also thought about using a 10MBit hub as additional link to the
m68k box, yet that does sound quite hackish to me.. ;)

All attempts to use ipv6 in order to gain a public IP have yet failed,
so for now i can't even ssh into that machine. *g* 
Maybe that hub would also solve that one.

> > Aparently the NIC can't queue packets from the 100MBit properly and
> > therefore is loosing at least a number of them which are resent, but at
> > a slow throughput rate.
> Does the driver complain at all? Anything in dmesg?

the ipv6 does complain about "prefix with wrong length 64" and the
icmpv6_send does complain about no reply to error/fragment. Nothing
about the ipv4 or about the ethernet link itself.

Best regards,

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