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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit (SOLVED)


now, just to keep you posted. I have been able to install Debian now and
it seems to be working quite well. I've used the netinstaller iso cvs
snapshot from 20040812, bootet vmlinuz-2.2.25 with root22.bin.

That made me go thru harddisk partitioning twice (the first of which was
dreadfully slow, the second one, was much better). All the rest was ok. 

Now i have only the funny situation that i do have ssh and sendfile
installed and can connect to them locally. Yet from the network i
encounter timeouts from my router. From the workstation i even get a "no
route to host". 

Any idea what's wrong here? (the net setup is a regular 192.168.x/24
which is setup identically on all 3 hosts)

Best regards,

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