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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit

Hi again,

ok, here's the run-up.  ;))

I finally got things working (even Netscape 4.08 installed *g*) by using
a CD-Rom with "-g --macbin" in the mkisofs call. That made the Mac find
the unstuff binary and consequently be able to use the Penguin.sit too.

Christian, your Penguin.sea doesn't even work for me with StuffIt

Apart from that i have (re)installed the MacOS 7.6.1 update, which also
worked fine, but didn't bring the StuffIt along. So aparently it's *NOT*
included in the D-7.6.1 MacOS release.

Now i'm somewhat lost with how to get the Penguin actually move. I've
checked the d-i manual at:

which i hope is the latest version.

There it reads:
"At the MacOS desktop, start the Linux installation process by
double-clicking on the Penguin Prefs icon in the debian directory. The
Penguin booter will start up. Go to the Settings item in the File menu,
click the Kernel tab. Select the kernel (vmlinuz) and ramdisk
(initrd.gz) images in the debian directory by clicking on the
corresponding buttons in the upper right corner, and navigating the file
select dialogs to locate the files. Close the Settings dialog, save the
settings and start the bootstrap using the Boot Now item in the File

i've tried with the Penguin-19 and vmlinuz-2.2.5-mac and
hd-media-initrd.gz which sounds close enough to "netinstall" for me. the
nativehd-initrd.gz obviously isn't what i want for a net-install, is it?

So now i boot the penguin with the above vmlinuz and initrd.gz, but i
get a Kernel-panic cannot find root.. Hmm?! So how am i supposed to boot
the netinstall?

According to http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.m68k/ch04s02.html i
just need the "image", so i had gone for the
which sounded like that does make sense. Yet on that CD there's no
cdrom-initrd.gz, so aparently that's wrong..

Could anyone enlighten me what image i neet to put as initrd in order to
bootstrap the system (and weather to check the "bootstrap" checkbox in
Penguin or not)


Best regards,

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