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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit

Hi Stephen,

> nativehd is a netinstall.

hmmm, to the unsuspecting user it sounds like "nativehd" would be "put
all the files on hd and install from there".. maybe it should be renamed
or at least put into some popular space. 

I've now tried with "root22.bin" from today's netinstall CD-Rom.. what's
that gonna yield?

> hd-media is a cdrom-based installed that used
> an iso image instead of an actual cdrom. I have that on my todo to go into
> the manual somewhere.

Ok, excellent. Is hd-media ok for the non-businesscard, but for the
netinstaller-iso which does have the base-system-debs included in the

> > > So now i boot the penguin with the above vmlinuz and initrd.gz, but i
> > > get a Kernel-panic cannot find root.. Hmm?! So how am i supposed to boot
> > > the netinstall?
> > 
> > Check the FAQ and add root=/dev/ram. And yes, this is already in the sarge
> > FAQ:
> > 
> > http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/sarge/
> You will also need ramdisk_size=13000.

Yep, now ramdisk_size=20000 worked too. This definitely needs to go into
the manual too. Especially since Christian's page only told it's needed
for woody (and leaving the user like "ok, i'm going for sarge, i don't
need that")..

Best regards,

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