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Re: [Debconf-team] help needed for penta datamining

On 13528 March 1977, Tássia Camões wrote:

>> Be careful with the gender data in penta, it has lead to various
>> discussions around it. Its a tri-value state, with true as male, false
>> as female and unset as "undefined", and I sure don't need to explain how
>> much this does not fit what many people think of it.
> Thanks for your input.
> Then my question is: Is there a safe way of using this data?

We *can* use it (as long as its not associated with a person), so rough
numbers are fine.

I'm not sure the current data is really giving an all too useful answer.

> IMHO self proclaimed gender identity is a meaningful information and
> the assessement of those statistics in Debconfs could contribute with
> debate about diversity in Debian.

True information sure can be used for good stats. What we have is just
not that, but explicitly limited as explained.

> This issue was raised in Barcelona and I wonder if there would be
> another way of getting this data for previous conferences.

Not from penta, we don't have that.

> Then how can we proceed in next conferences so that we can safely make
> gender information public afterwards?

There is no problem of making things like "There have been 15 female, 15
male, 23 marsians, 42 daily-changing, 0815 whatever else" information
public, ever. But to ever be able to make a useful list and not the crap
i just came up with public, we need to ask for it. If we stay with
penta, that is a simple field to add, someone just needs to come up with
a good description for it (and it sure wont be boolean. More like
freeform or a long (and easy enough to edit) select list).
If we end up with something else, than one needs to see if that can have
it added.

bye, Joerg
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