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Re: [Debconf-team] help needed for penta datamining

Hi Cate!

As you already have you hands on it...

2014-03-26 11:38 GMT-04:00 Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@debian.org>:
> I have the permissions, and I'm trying to code a script which should
> generate anonymous data (and BTW also non-anonymous data), so that team
> member could analyze statistics with own tools. [moray proposed it]
Could you also consider gathering statistics per gender? AFAIK we have
this info in penta.

We've just had a mini-debconf in Barcelona with 36% of female
participants, and we'd like to compare it with previous regular
debconfs. It would be also useful to have the number of female
speakers per conference.

Thanks in advance!


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