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Re: [Debconf-team] Updated budget for DC14

On 27/03/14 at 12:45 -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> So in the discussion with the DPL, it remains undecided whether the DebConf
> newbies initiative will be renewed with a specific earmark.  For the moment
> I've left this as a single $32k line item in the budget for all travel
> sponsorship; we can always change this later if the DPL comes to a different
> decision with the chairs.

Right; my position is that I'm not really keen on deciding myself how to
split the travel sponsorship budget between 'newbies' and 'oldtimers'.
So I would be open to let the bursaries team decide themselves on the
balance between 'new contributors', 'old contributors but new to
DebConf', and 'old DebConfers'. However, the Chairs pointed out that
providing an overall budget for each category might be easier for the
bursaries team. So I've asked the chairs for input about reasonable
quotas and categories.

> This leaves the following items from the budget that are not yet funded,
> which I am listing in the order I believe we will fund them if/when funds
> become available:
>  $13,000 additional travel sponsorship
>   $6,026 additional food/accomodation sponsorship
>   $3,000 guest speaker sponsorship[1]
>   $1,540 conference bags
>   $4,600 conference dinner[2]
>  $14,784 day trip
> [1] I think it's probably a bug that we've prioritized this above the
> conference bags; in discussion with the DPL I carelessly lumped this into
> "travel/food/accomodation sponsorship for more attendees".  Lucas, are you
> ok with us fund the bags before funding guest speakers, with no other
> changes to the budget?

Yes. I wonder about the respective merits of the daytrip vs the
conference dinner too. But I'll leave that up to you (the DebConf team).

Thanks a lot for your work on that!


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