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help needed for penta datamining

Hi folks,

In the process of trying to finalize the budget, I've arrived at the point
where most of the uncertainty relates to how many people will be
attending/sponsored/registering as paid attendees.  While we won't really
have final numbers on this until the conference itself, it would be useful
for forecasting to get a sense of how these numbers have varied (or not)
from year to year.

The best source of data for this is going to be the penta database.  Is
there someone here that's willing to volunteer their time to run some
queries and answer some questions?  If you don't already have access to the
penta database, that's ok - if you're handy with SQL and have some time to
give, it should be no problem to arrange access.

Here are the questions that I would like to have answers for currently, for
DebConfs 10-13 (at least):

 - how many total people attended each DebConf, by day?[1]
 - how many people stayed in sponsored accomodation at each DC, by day?[1]
 - how many people attended each DebConf in each of the paid registration
   categories (professional/corporate)?
 - how many people received travel sponsorship for each DC?
 - how many people were registered to attend each DC?

Best would be to have this data made available as a standing report that we
could reference for the future as well.  FWIW, there used to be just such
data available at <http://debconf-data.alioth.debian.org/stats/>, but this
disappeared following the last alioth crash. :/  Other sources of historical
data include <http://penta.debconf.org/stats> and
<http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/> - it would be keen if someone could
reconstitute these reports and get them re-published somewhere suitable. 
Or if someone had a cronjob where these were being generated, and has a good
way to set it up again, maybe that would be even better!

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[1] Note, this needs to count only registered attendees who were marked as
"arrived", since each year we have some people who register but don't show

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