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Re: [Debconf-team] Updated budget for DC14

Hi all,

Thanks for everyone's input on the budget (both on-list and in private).

The DPL has approved a contribution of 36k USD from Debian's general funds
for DebConf14 and a budget cap of 21k USD for certain "optional" conference
expenses (a paid day trip, a conference dinner, and conference bags for
attendees), with the stipulation that if we raise more than 121k USD total
in funds from external sponsors, any sponsorship in excess of this amount
will be returned to Debian.

With $121k max sponsorship, $36k max contribution from Debian, and an
estimated $7.2k in attendee fees, this gives us a budget cap for DebConf 14
of $164,200.

And with $79k in sponsorship committments as of today, that gives us a
working balanced budget of just over $122k.

You can find the updated draft budget at
I've also attached it to this mail for convenience.

Most importantly, this means that we have an existing budget of $32k for
travel sponsorship, and sufficient budget to fully sponsor accomodation and
food for roughly 130 attendees.  So we're in good shape to open registration
and bursaries; now we just need to get the registration website up. ;-)

And to any members of the DC15 team who may be reading this with alarm: note
that our max budget is for 143 sponsored attendees, and a $45k travel
budget.  The budget is set with high margins, to try to ensure we don't have
to turn anyone away who wants to attend; but in practice, the bursaries team
has usually run out of people to sponsor before running out of money.  So
there's a very good chance that a sizable portion of this bursaries
allocation will be yours next year, no matter what else happens. :)

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 05:32:09PM -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Steve Langasek dijo [Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 09:20:43PM -0700]:
> > First thing's first:  I've published an updated budget draft at
> > svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-data/dc14/accounting/budget.ods, taking
> > into account the feedback so far in this thread, and also presenting three
> > different configurations of balanced budget: low, medium, high.  I believe
> > this most accurately reflects where we are at in the current budget process,
> > showing not only how we will spend the money we currently have but also how
> > we would spend more money if we had it.
> Hi Steve+team,
> Thanks a lot for doing this work. I do think this budget is adequate
> for asking the DPL for his approval — Not only that, it also states
> our basic plan of action. Although I'm not convinced of every detail
> of the priorizations (i.e. having the "low" budget with no travel
> sponsorship at all, and jumping to 25,000 on this regard for "medium",
> staying there at "high"), I did look for ways to tweak it better to my
> liking, and didn't find much better ways to put things than what you
> did.
> Possibly, if we cannot top the "low" level, we should at least shift
> 10K from the "DebConf newbies" to the bursaries. But I haven't even
> discussed it too much with myself to formally propose it ;-)

So in the discussion with the DPL, it remains undecided whether the DebConf
newbies initiative will be renewed with a specific earmark.  For the moment
I've left this as a single $32k line item in the budget for all travel
sponsorship; we can always change this later if the DPL comes to a different
decision with the chairs.

This leaves the following items from the budget that are not yet funded,
which I am listing in the order I believe we will fund them if/when funds
become available:

 $13,000 additional travel sponsorship
  $6,026 additional food/accomodation sponsorship
  $3,000 guest speaker sponsorship[1]
  $1,540 conference bags
  $4,600 conference dinner[2]
 $14,784 day trip

[1] I think it's probably a bug that we've prioritized this above the
conference bags; in discussion with the DPL I carelessly lumped this into
"travel/food/accomodation sponsorship for more attendees".  Lucas, are you
ok with us fund the bags before funding guest speakers, with no other
changes to the budget?

[2] The conference dinner line item in the budget is $5600, but there's a
$1000 offset from not needing to pay for sponsored cafeteria food that day.

If we think there are any priorities here that need to be changed, we can
discuss.  In general I've put them in order of importance x deadline for
spending the money.  And the last three items remain the last three items,
subject to DPL approval.

We still have the following uncertainties in the budget, which I will aim to
clarify in the next weeks:

 - The professional/corporate fees are cut'n'paste from last year's budget.
   We need to sanity-check these amounts against past years.
 - The meal prices on the day of the conference dinner will need to be
   negotiated separately; the figure there could be high, or low.
 - Currently, both the daytrip budget and the meals budget are accounting
   for the cost of lunch on the daytrip day.  This will also need to be
   negotiated with PSU, to find out what our options are for a sack lunch
   that day.
 - The price for dinner on the arrival day would need to be negotiated as
   well, as it's not currently included.  The previous line probably offsets
   this, but we should figure that all out sooner rather than later.

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