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Re: [Debconf-team] help needed for penta datamining

On 13527 March 1977, Tássia Camões wrote:

> Could you also consider gathering statistics per gender? AFAIK we have
> this info in penta.

Be careful with the gender data in penta, it has lead to various
discussions around it. Its a tri-value state, with true as male, false
as female and unset as "undefined", and I sure don't need to explain how
much this does not fit what many people think of it.

And so it is labeled "Sex" in our interface and main usage is for room
allocations (plus comments people can give).

> We've just had a mini-debconf in Barcelona with 36% of female
> participants, and we'd like to compare it with previous regular
> debconfs. It would be also useful to have the number of female
> speakers per conference.

bye, Joerg
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