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Re: Online-only DebConf20 plans

Hi Daniel, and team,

Daniel Lange <DLange@debian.org> 於 2020年6月19日 週五 下午7:35寫道:
Good evening Andrew,

Am 19.06.20 um 13:26 schrieb Andrew Lee:
> Estimate:
> * 300 t-shirts are
>    - 7USD*300 = 2100USD
> * 300 face mask cover(washable):
>    -  3.5USD*300 = 1050USD
> * 300 elastic scarf(washable):
>    - 2.5USD*300 = 750USD
> 500g international package costs:
> * To US is
>    - 7.6USD
> * To Germany is
>    - 10USD

Thank you very much! Those are excellent prices.
Do you have an estimate for arrival times to the US / Europe for the
shipping method above?

Due to COVID-19, we cannot have an estimate and some countries currently still not accept any international shipping yet. For these destination countries, I'll hold the package in my place until it's allow to send.
There are an other express option available which costs 3-4 times more, but I think it makes no sense as due to COVID-19, everything is unestimated. So I choose this cheapest shipping method that will provide us a tracking number that we can tracking the packages on a website. Before COVID-19, both to US and Germany took around two weeks, for now it will just take much longer and we won't know how long will that be which is really depends on the destination countries.

I have added the prices to the agenda of Monday's team meeting (which -
unfortunately - is really badly timed for your time zone, so please, no
need to attend in person, I'll keep you in the loop!)

Cool! Thanks! I wish we can have three of these produced as those are excellent prices!

BTW, if we won't have a good enough design yet for the t-shirt in a short time and the arrival time is unknown. We may consider to produce DC21 designed t-shirts in advance + simple design DC20 Online face mask cover and elastic scarf?

Best regards,

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