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Re: Online-only DebConf20 plans

Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> 於 2020年6月10日 週三 上午12:34寫道:
Hi Luna (2020.06.09_16:22:55_+0000)
> Anyone know what was said in the Debconf Meeting yesterday, did not have
> time to attend? but thinking of attending the one tonight

The Minutes:

I can volunteer from Taiwan for t-shirts or mask cover instead or whatever that helps more with an online conference?
Please let me know what you think?

For t-shirts we will still need the registrations to know the sizes and types.
For mask cover only needs to know the quantity(I assume for adults, we may also make some extra for kids if needed).

If we want to ensure that arrives before the online conference start. The decision should be done as soon as possible as the international delivery takes longer time now.

Best wishes,

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