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Re: Online-only DebConf20 plans

Good evening Andrew,

Am 19.06.20 um 13:26 schrieb Andrew Lee:
* 300 t-shirts are
   - 7USD*300 = 2100USD
* 300 face mask cover(washable):
   -  3.5USD*300 = 1050USD
* 300 elastic scarf(washable):
   - 2.5USD*300 = 750USD

500g international package costs:
* To US is
   - 7.6USD
* To Germany is
   - 10USD

Thank you very much! Those are excellent prices.
Do you have an estimate for arrival times to the US / Europe for the shipping method above?

I have added the prices to the agenda of Monday's team meeting (which - unfortunately - is really badly timed for your time zone, so please, no need to attend in person, I'll keep you in the loop!)

Kind regards,

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