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Re: Online-only DebConf20 plans

Hi Stefano,

Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> 於 2020年6月16日 週二 上午5:31寫道:
Hi Andrew (2020.06.10_03:50:47_+0000)
> I can volunteer from Taiwan for t-shirts or mask cover instead or whatever
> that helps more with an online conference?
> Please let me know what you think?


Would your supplier be able to ship to attendees individually? Or would
you want to do a few bulk shipments to volunteers who broke them up and
mailed to attendees individually?

Both are fine for me as I'll use the cheapest way from our national post office.

Ship to attendees individually is better to me as it's less person in the meddle
to involved which is more safe, efficient without depends on other volunteers
to pass the right size and forwarding to the correct shipment addresses.

> If we want to ensure that arrives before the online conference start. The
> decision should be done as soon as possible as the international delivery
> takes longer time now.

And we need to get designs done, and sponsors finalized.
We've set a logo design deadline for next week.

Cool. I'll produce t-shirt or mask cover however the decision made by the

I've checked with producers that the mask cover is about half price of a
t-shirt. Should we take the chance to produce a "DebConf mask cover"
that we may be able to use in future DebConfs to prevent DebConf flu
and also be able to shows that to our children that DebConf 20 online? :)

Best wishes,

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