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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure


On Sun, Sep 07, 2014 at 02:06:40AM -0700, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> I think the job fair may be a good way to get more sponsors on board,
> and perhaps that we should limit our innovations until we see how that
> goes.. Maybe we don't need more money than that?
> In my opinion, I would slash all these extra perks.

I've changed the language slightly now to not make it seem as if a
prospective sponsor is entitled to it just because they are the first to
say "I want".  I think it is important that we can still say no (and
actually decide later on when a sponsor actually inquires about it)
whether we want a sponsor to support a part of the conference in a
particular way, while still gauging the interest.

Also, note that at DebConf14 basically everything we put in the brochure
(before DC14 started) happened on an ad-hoc basis: the sponsor booth
(some sponsors seemed to put up tables to talk to attendees), the job
fair (rather inofficial, but still), the sponsoring of some events (in
this case even the C&W party, plus an off-site social event), the raffle
etc.  The amount of push-back was rather small I believe. I explicitly
asked a couple of attendees I know well and believed they may be opposed
to them, but they did not see the sky falling.

> About the raffle, if we are going to make it official, I like the idea
> of moving the actual raffle to something that DC controls; and I would
> probably set some rules on what can be done. For example, I would forbid
> the raffle to require being there to claim the prize. That's forcing
> people to pay attention to the raffle, when they might be doing
> something else.

See Martin's reply to this one, the idea was to get people to all show
up to the morning orga announcements and subsequent sessions (at least
if they are interested in the raffle, we could record that in summit


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