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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure

Hi Marga,

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 06:44:05PM -0700, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Following intense discussions within the DC15 team and the sponsorship team,
> we believe we have finished the DC15 sponsorship brochure.

> In doing so we have removed the points that were questioned and
> incorporated the feedback from the sponsorship team, and also talked
> to a few (potential) sponsors and tried to get a good feeling of the
> attractiveness of our offering.

> You can find the generated PDF here:
>    http://scratch.madduck.net/dc15-sb.pdf
> And the source code at:
>    http://git.debian.org/?p=debconf-data/dc15.git/sponsorship-brochure

> In the purpose of summarizing the content, these are the sponsor levels:
>   Bronze Level: € 2,000
>   Silver Level: € 5,000
>   Gold Level: € 10,000
>   Platinum Level: € 20,000

> As it was this year, silver level is the minimum to get on the
> T-shirts. And most perks related to levels have stayed the same, with
> the addition of space at the job fair for silver and up, and space for
> a booth during opening weekend for gold and up.

Thanks for posting the draft.  The questions that come to mind for me are:

 * Job fair: do we have some idea of how much this will cost to accommodate? 
   For instance, suppose for some reason we got no gold or platinum sponsors
   next year and all of our sponsorship came from contributors at the silver
   level; and all of these came in at the silver level.  Where would that
   put us in terms of being able to afford putting on the conference, and
   how much space (and how much effort) would the job fair consume?
   (I think the idea of formally offering a job fair is a reasonable one, we
   just should be sure that we're not doing it at the expense of our
   conference.  Perhaps the DC15 team has already worked this out, but I
   haven't seen any of this on either the debconf-team list or the debconf
   sponsorship list.)

 * Showcase booth: how do we expect this to differ from the job fair itself?
   I.e.: why are these two different perks - will they be located in
   different spaces?  Also, same question as for the job fair, what does it
   cost us to offer this to sponsors?

 * Raffle: this says "one item during the daily morning assembly".  Is this
   one per day, or one for the whole week?  Should this vary by sponsorship
   level?  What does the team plan to do if a top-level sponsor has more
   than one item that they want to raffle?  If someone organizes their own
   raffle via debconf-discuss, what will you do?

 * Cheese & Wine party: prior to DC14, when Oregon liquor regulations
   necessitated a more active involvement by the team in securing a venue,
   the C&W party has to my understanding always been an unofficial event
   organized at no additional cost to the conference.  I think it
   significantly changes the character of the event to make it an officially
   sponsored thing.  Do we have no prospects of this being a self-organized
   event, perhaps off-site?

 * Snacks and beverages / coffee, tea, mate:  my understanding of most of
   these "additional sponsorship opportunities" was that it made sense to
   have them directly sponsored to avoid problems for them being paid by the
   DC15 non-profit.  But these are clearly not exceptional expenses for a
   conference; so why offer them for line-item sponsorship?

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