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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure


My last message on the topic, I don't want to drag this discussion for ever.

First of all, I am a bit worried that there is not much discussion about
this, saving for discussions about how to run a raffle.

I saw just a couple of concerns about the points I am discussing here,
and no endorsements. I cannot predict if the silence is due to
endorsement or to not caring. I believe this is an important decision.
Please people, speak up!

On 10/09/14 00:35, Michael Banck wrote:

> Also, note that at DebConf14 basically everything we put in the brochure
> (before DC14 started) happened on an ad-hoc basis: the sponsor booth
> (some sponsors seemed to put up tables to talk to attendees), the job
> fair (rather inofficial, but still), the sponsoring of some events (in
> this case even the C&W party, plus an off-site social event), the raffle
> etc.  The amount of push-back was rather small I believe. I explicitly
> asked a couple of attendees I know well and believed they may be opposed
> to them, but they did not see the sky falling.

It is true it was ad-hoc and the sky didn't fall. But the key point is
that it was ad-hoc, and in the case of the C&W, that it solved a problem
for the organisers.
Personally, I didn't like much the HP event being announced almost as
something official, but did not want to cause a fuss about it either.

Note that I am not opposing to the job fair or the booths. It is the
sponsoring of the social events that I feel is kind of wrong, going
against our spirit. It feels like monetising the conference, that's why
I feel uneasy.

I would rather cut the costs (or the existence) of all these (C&W,
dinner, day trip, sponsored beverages) than selling them.

Finally, if the non-profit is forbidden to do theses things, we could
have one or two sponsors give the money to a normal trusted company instead.

Another topic. I just saw the addition to the brochure of the diversity
effort. While I am all for getting money for diversity, what do you have
in mind when you invite sponsors to contact us? It is just a way to get
more sponsors on board, so we can then manage the money, or will they
have any active involvement in the use of the money?

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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