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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debian-portland-soc] [DC14] Portland team: historical cost comparison

Allison Randal dijo [Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 06:24:11PM -0700]:
> >> Do we need to include lodging rooms in the total base price? That
> >> is, are we paying any fixed up-front amount for lodging, or is lodging
> >> paid by attendees as they register (or once we decide if it's possible
> >> to sponsor travel/lodging)?
> > 
> > I don't know that there's any fixed up-front price, but sponsored attendance
> > at DebConf includes both food and accomodation.  So for the big picture of
> > "how much money does DebConf spend", this is very relevant.
> I'll start a tab for projecting sponsored attendance. At the moment, I'm
> assuming we'd start at 0 sponsored attendees, and expand as incoming
> sponsorship increased beyond costs. Do people have a sense of an "ideal"
> number of sponsored attendees? As in "If funding is available, ideally
> we'd like to sponsor X number or Y percentage of attendees."
> And, I'll start with:
> - Accommodation: $28/person/day
> - Food: $20/person/day
> - Flight: $1000/person
> Aiming for an approximate average on flight price, figuring US/Canada
> flights could be as low as $300, while international flights could be
> $2000 or higher. (Numbers from past years will be helpful in these
> projections too.)

I expected flight prices to be quite lower. Still, for DebConf10 (I
expect numbers to be closest to what we had at New York), 88 out of
306 attendees (marked as reconfirmed and arrived) were from within the
USA (and the second most popular country was "not selected" ;-) ). I
was surprised to see that, for July, ticket prices from Paris and
Frankfurt are at ~US$1500, quite higher than what I expected.

This following query does *not* mean the requested travel sponsorship
was fulfilled, but requested, and that the person attended, and was
labeled as "the amount needed for you to travel" (need_travel_cost):

 acronym |          avg          
 dc7     |  574.9236000000000000
 dc8     | 1070.1224489795918367
 dc9     |  435.2346428571428571
 dc10    |  819.6127500000000000
 dc11    |  612.6257142857142857
 dc12    |  981.0483870967741935

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