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Re: [Debconf-team] limux

Hello Holger,

i am one of those two people working for the city of munich.

We will arrive tomorrow in the afternoon and i'm very curious as this is
my first debconf ;-)

Do you have any clue what happened to the event my colleague Jan-Marek
created via pentabarf?
Unfortunately i have no copy of  the description, otherwise i'd send it
with this email.


Florian Maier

Florian Schießl schrieb:
> Hi Holger,
>> Florian, we discussed the Limux-talk idea yesterday on IRC and
>> decided that we definitly want it, but that we dont want a talk over
>> a video link, because we think that "videolink talks only work if the
>> linked person is sufficiently famous and sufficiently a good speaker
>> to grab people's attention. and there's a much higher attention
>> barrier than for being physically there."
>> So we would like you to ask your co-workers, if they can give a talk
>> during DebConf. If would ask them myself, if I knew who they were ;-)
>> Once they create the event in pentabarfs interface
>> (http://penta.debconf.org), they should send a short mail to
>> schedule@debconf.org and indicate, which days they can give the talk.
>> Then the talk will be scheduled and announced.

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