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[Debconf-team] Minutes 20070617


 - Cowgate keys are being sorted, they will cut keys tomorrow, we will
   give them two letters expliaing the problems.  We expect ongoing
   problems - the owner is very helpful but there are concerns about
   problems with the ground.
 - If attendees have issues they should be instructed to e-mail
   accommodation@ - that will help collate information for letters.


 - Went well where the speakers turned up (should have cought all those).
 - Need signs on the door to warn people when BoF rooms are in use.


 - Moving upstairs tonight.
 - Teviot will have a list of people and can check on 

Night venue:

 - People are using the night venue now; quite popular.
 - Need more volunteers for the night venue.
 - Need to make sure that the night venue is cleaned up at the end of
   the night.


 - Has been working well modulo problems with the Netgear which should
   now be resolved.


 - Hacklab 1 circuit breaker tripped today.
 - Kev will ask for the 64->32 connector from Ents to get more reliable
   power in there.

General BoF room:

 - If people see silly health and safety stuff, especially in the Middle
   Bar (hacklab 2), they should be pulled immediately.
 - For less serious stuff ask people to sort it.


 - No big problems with the queues.


 - Should have an adequate set of projectors tomorrow if Michael arrives
   but can look at options tomorrow if that doesn't happen.


 - If we write the date on DebianDay badges when we give people Debian
   Day badges as temporary ones then we'll sort things.


 - Ganneff to send a mail shortly summarising procedures and status.
 - If someone has run out of money urgently then send them to Ganneff.

Scheduling of extra events:

 - Maulkin and Ganneff can take things up when mhy is overly busy.
 - Will register the upper BoF room for the meetings.


 - Safir has been at the airport helping people get to the venue most of
   the weekend.


 - Maulkin to allocate a room.


 - Kev will be unable to attend the next two meetings.

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