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Re: [Debconf-team] limux


On Wednesday 06 June 2007 18:34, martin f krafft wrote:
> Rather than a video link, however, can we dig up funds to fly these
> people in? I know Florian, should I talk to him? Video links are (a)
> unreliable and (b) you don't get the same sense of presence and the
> knowledge transfer is limited.

Florian (bcc:ed) is not available during DebianDay, I spoke with him at 

Florian, we discussed the Limux-talk idea yesterday on IRC and decided that we 
definitly want it, but that we dont want a talk over a video link, because we 
think that "videolink talks only work if the linked person is sufficiently 
famous and sufficiently a good speaker to grab people's attention. and 
there's a much higher attention barrier than for being physically there."

So we would like you to ask your co-workers, if they can give a talk during 
DebConf. If would ask them myself, if I knew who they were ;-)

Once they create the event in pentabarfs interface (http://penta.debconf.org), 
they should send a short mail to schedule@debconf.org and indicate, which 
days they can give the talk. Then the talk will be scheduled and announced.

(And obviously it would be great if they would do it today or tomorrow...)

regards & thanks, 

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