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Re: [Debconf-team] limux

Hi Holger,

Florian, we discussed the Limux-talk idea yesterday on IRC and decided that we definitly want it, but that we dont want a talk over a video link, because we think that "videolink talks only work if the linked person is sufficiently famous and sufficiently a good speaker to grab people's attention. and there's a much higher attention barrier than for being physically there."

So we would like you to ask your co-workers, if they can give a talk during DebConf. If would ask them myself, if I knew who they were ;-)

Once they create the event in pentabarfs interface (http://penta.debconf.org), they should send a short mail to schedule@debconf.org and indicate, which days they can give the talk. Then the talk will be scheduled and announced.

No problem, I forwarded your message to them, see CC. They should already be registered in pentabarfs interface.

I think there is no problem for them to give you a talk focussed on technical issues of LiMux during DebConf (e.g. distributing and managing our Debian client with FAI and GOsa, how we customized the client,...), without any (or only few) organizational and political information and conclusions. If there will be any meetings with people from our twin town Edinburgh, it should be the technical level, not the leadership.

Is this what you want?

Do you have any special wishes for topics (focussed on client, system management, management processes, ...)?


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