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[Debconf-team] Debconf 7 T-Shirts: Current and future


Just putting a conversation we had on IRC in longer-term written form.

1- Regarding the 430 T-Shirts: They will be über-sweet. Really. At
   least, I've loved them. Well, I've only seen the ones for regular
   attendees yet, but Gaby is already printing the ones for organizers
   and volunteers - And I'm sure we will love them :) The front side
   is done, we just have the back side pending - And being it a
   simpler print, they will come out more easily. Well, that's at
   least what I hope :-)

2- Shipping: Gaby is really under pressure to get the prints ready on
   time. According to our original plan, she will finish by tomorrow,
   and leave them packed so they are picked up on Thursday by the
   delivery company. We will most probably go for Fedex or UPS, as the
   pricing is similar to what I found with Estafeta, but they are a
   _single_ big company throughout the world - Finding a lost box is
   much easier that way. Besides, for the same fare, they offer
   delivering in two business days instead of five. A huge

   This will allow us also to give Gaby a bit more breathing space: I
   am leaving with her on Thursday to New York. She will be there with
   me for three days. On Sunday, she comes back to Mexico and I fly to
   Scotland. Now, with a delivery time of two business days, she can
   surely finish printing on Monday/Tuesday, and we will still get the
   shirts on time.

3- But there is more!
   Many people have asked me if there would be extra T-shirts for
   sale. No, we didn't plan on any. And I was sure she would not want
   to print anything else for some time. But she says she is willing
   to! So we can do something like what we did on DC6 with the
   red/yellow shirts: Print an extra load of shirts to sell them and
   get some extra money. They would be simple shirts (i.e. a simple
   one color, one side print). We would risk not selling them fast
   enough - but last year they were a complete success. I think it's
   worth it, even if we get them on the last days of Debconf - We
   would have to factor in the shipping costs, but still, I'm sure we
   could keep them at around GBP 5 and still have a decent profit
   (IIRC, the shirts we are printing cost Debconf ~GBP 3.20+VAT each). 

   Of course, for this we need a _design_. We are not (yet) pressed
   for it, but we need to have it at most by Tuesday, so Gaby still
   has the time to run develop it, buy the shirts, print it all and
   ship it on time. Sledge had the idea of a simple "Debconf World
   Tour" shirt, with all the places we have had Debconfs so far. Ideas
   are welcome.


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