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Re: Debian Day registration (was Re: [Debconf-team] Re: bof proposal periode until last minute)

Fabian Fagerholm dijo [Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 12:07:23PM +0200]:
> Continuing to check the usability of the website...

Keep it coming!

> When I first registered for Dc6, there was a single link to Comas in the
> upper right corner (Register/Log in). That's still there, everything ok.
> But: when I go to the Debian Day page
> (http://www.debconf.org/about/debianday/) the link changes and takes me
> to another instance of Comas. (Which has a broken stylesheet link, btw.)
> This leads to the following questions:
>       * I am coming to both Debian Day and Debconf. Do I need to
>         register separately for both?

Yes and no. The nature for both conferences is _very_ different - We
want to register everybody who is attending Debconf, as there is a
really nontrivial amount of logistics to be taken care of, as you well
know. However, for DebianDay, anybody should just be able to appear
and attend - You have to register through the second Comas instance
only if you want to submit a proposal. That's because Debconf and
DebianDay are _very_ separate conferences, only sharing the people and
the place.

>       * Do I need to register for Debcamp? How?

Hmmm... AFAICT, when we add the arrival/departure time fields, you
will have to specify you are arriving before the Debconf start - And I
think we should also provide a mechanism inside Comas to coordinate
who will work on what during those days.

>       * How do I specify when I will arrive and leave? If I don't need
>         to do that, or if I need to do that later, this information
>         should be available in the "Accommodation" section of the
>         registration form.

We decided to wait a bit to enable those fields, but they _will_ be


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