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[Debconf-team] Re: bof proposal periode until last minute

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 01:04:45AM +0100]:
> could someone please make the BoF proposal periode go on? we can
> accept bofs until the last minute. they might not be scheduled
> officially but they can be announced and organized manually at
> the location.

Someone could, and someone just has :)

Now... I have a question on this, which maybe I should have brought
up earlierr, given that last year it was also like this: We should
have mentioned this in the CfP. Last year, the only real difference
(for me) between the talks that went through the academic committee
and were approved and those which were rejected and downgraded to BoFs
was the inclusion of a paper in the proceedings, instead of just the
abstract. BoFs requested in anticipation (i.e., not the glasshouse
ones) were scheduled and treated just as normal talks - This makes it
a bit unfair towards people who had to submit full papers, and we are
not even mentioning that in our CfP. Even more, we have 9 people who
have submitted BoF sessions, maybe expecting to enter the official
selection contest and be scheduled according to their proposal's merit
- They will be included with all the rest of the chaff anyway.

Same thing goes for the other request you made regarding to the
scheduling: It's unfair, IMHO, to open up a new participation form
after people have thought hard on whether to present a talk, a
workshop, a round-table or a BoF - "You mean there is also a combined
one? How come I wasn't told of before?!"

I suggest that we treat the single case you mention of the person
requesting a presentation and later a Bof-like session as a specific,
not officially scheduled case. Lets just schedule the presentation,
and leave the second session as one of the doubly-informal BoFs we had
last year in the glass room.


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