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[Debconf-team] Re: status of proposals not stored?

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 06:16:26PM +0100]:
> i went through all accepted proposals and checked them as
> "accepted". going through them again shows still status "new". is
> this a problem in the frontend only?

Nope, it's for real - I have one proposal marked as 'details
requested' (Debian's Debugging Debacle: the Debrief), all others are

... Spotted the problem and fixed it - Gah, why is Debconf such an
atypical conference? It worked fine on my other two actually running
conferences ;-) Anyway... If I got it fine, the following 17 proposals
(more listed as co-authors appear in a new row):

 id |                                        title                                         |         ?column?          
 36 | Cheap Thrills - Instant inspiration for the masses                                   | Reichle Meike
 29 | Codes of Value: An Anthropological Analysis of Hacker Values                         | Coleman Gabriella
 32 | Debian Installer internals                                                           | Pop Frans
 51 | Debian: A Forced To Be Reckoned With                                                 | Hill Benjamin Mako
 24 | Debtags one year later                                                               | Zini Enrico
 40 | Experiences with large CDD-installations                                             | Yrvin Knut
 42 | GPLv3 and Debian                                                                     | Armstrong Don
 41 | Let's port together. Debian fun for everyone                                         | De Schrijver Peter
 41 | Let's port together. Debian fun for everyone                                         | Langasek Steve
 37 | Lightning Talks                                                                      | Hess Joey
 25 | Nobody expects the Finnish Inquisition, or: confessions of a Debian package torturer | Wirzenius Lars
 48 | OpenSolaris and Debian: Can we be friends?                                           | Phipps Simon
 48 | OpenSolaris and Debian: Can we be friends?                                           | Lopez Ortega Alvaro
 27 | Packaging shared libraries                                                           | Mouette Josselin
 60 | Security Enhanced Linux UML instances --- an Introduction and recipe                 | Srivastava Manoj
 14 | State of the art for Debian i18n/l10n                                                | Perrier Christian
 14 | State of the art for Debian i18n/l10n                                                | Fernandez-Sanguino Javier
 50 | WTFM part 2: Avoiding Tears and Loss Of Hair                                         | Wirzenius Lars
 20 | Weeding out security bugs                                                            | Fernandez-Sanguino Javier
 18 | releasing in time - etch in December 06                                              | Barth Andi
 18 | releasing in time - etch in December 06                                              | Langasek Steve
(21 rows)

I'm marking them all as accepted, but please check if it is a complete
list and if I didn't mess anything up. Of course, I'm not notifying

> currently it looks like i would need a smart dump from the
> database giving me all talk titles and email addresses attached,
> so i could do a mass-mailing.

I know :( That's a feature that has been often requested, but... Well,
you know the excuse - which is nothing but an excuse. Well, at least I
know you have access to the server, so here it is - It's better than
nothing, at least:

SELECT pr.id, pr.title, pe.famname||' '||pe.firstname AS name,
    pe.email, s.descr AS status, t.descr AS type
FROM proposal pr JOIN authors au ON au.proposal_id=pr.id 
    JOIN person pe ON au.person_id=pe.id 
    JOIN prop_status s ON pr._prop_status_id=s.id 
    JOIN prop_type t ON pr.prop_type_id=t.id
ORDER BY status, title, au.mention_order;

> i would also request a new feature:
> be able to select proposals by status (and perhaps other
> filtering criteria like "not a bof") and then mass-mail a text
> field to all selected proposals.
> perhaps even mass-change all selected proposals to a given status
> (rejected...).

Will work on that - but after my [VAC] - For those who don't read
-private, I'll be away starting tomorrow and until Dec28 (will be
online Dec29). I'll try to connect and keep up with the mail, but
cannot assure much - And I won't be maintaining things, just answering

> and while we ask for stuff: could those late submissions in my
> mail plus the "ubuntu annual report" by mark shuttelworth be
> added to the proposals?

Of course, just add them (as a regular user) as BoFs and, from the
administrative interface, move them to whatever talk type it should
be. If you don't want the user to have to re-submit the talk, you can
do it from your personal account, and re-assign them -again- from the
DB itself - The proposal is related to the author via the 'authors'
table, so just get the ID of the proposal in question and of the
person, and do an "UPDATE authors SET person_id=<whatever> WHERE

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