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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: bof proposal periode until last minute

> Don't worry, even if we wanted to, we wouldn't - We will only have the
> big auditorium for DebianDay ;-) For regular day, we will have an area

Which reminds me Alan Moray's question somewhere: when exactly is the
Debian Day (which is the official first day of the conference)?

I think that many people are as puzzled as I am (or Alan is): are May
14th and May 22th days where some things will happen, or just days for
people to arrive and leave?

I personnally scheduled to arrive as early as possible on May 14th
with a schedule allowing for jet lag minimization...assuming that
activities such as Debian Day would be scheduled for this day.

About 22th, I wasn't sure and finally decided to use it for leaving,
which means that I'll miss any conference happening this day if some
are scheduled.

May these "details" be given about what will happen on 14th and 22th?
I understand that other days schedule cannot be made yet, of course....

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