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[Debconf-team] wishlist features for the organizer interface of comas

i would like the participant search and display extended in order
to display even the requested sponsorship amounts by each

furthermore i would like a field to enter the ok'ed amount of
sponsorhip. (munin should pick up the overall sum of ok'ed
sponsorship, too. but that is a differnt story)

for sending out mass-mailings to a certain subgroup of
paritcipants i would like to be able to select larger groups of
paritipants (by search criteria plus including/excluding
some individuals) plus a text to send to them.

some texts in the proposals have really awkward linebreaks, when
submitters did not enter the paragraphs in one long line but
entered linebreaks themselfs (and these linebreaks dont fit the
width of our text field). can we fix that and remove those
linebreaks in a smart way?

for fast reading the text field of the abstract is too short. can
it be bigger? will we need to edit it? it could just be
displayed in full length, perhaps?

further more i notice that we dont have the range of choices
regarding wireless that we had last year when people needed to
specify what kind of computer they brought. this is a step back.
could some go through the old interface and pick up all the smart
things we did last time and port them to this year's interface?
This is the easiest way we have to improve the interface, so we
should use it *really well*!

i would like other people beside gunnar to work on this, so that
mroe get involved in comas. this would be an excellent entry
point for future organizers (greek, england, south tirol...) 

Gunnar, please set aside time to be available to peoples
questions regarding this. i would consider this one of your top
priorities (coaching others regarding improving comas, that is). 

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