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Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Karl-Heinz Herrmann <khh@khherrmann.de> wrote:

> * I did try afio which runs each single file through gzip and was quite
>   robust against a few changed bytes in data area  as well metadata.
>   I don't think afio can handle incremental, but you have to feed it a
>   list of files which could be a list of files changes since last
>   backup time (find ... -mtime ...).

afio can neither handle incremental backups nor is it standard compliant.

The archives look like cpio archives on the first vuew (but even cpio
has been called deprecated by POSIX because it it not incrementally extensible).
In case there are files > 2 GB afip switches the archive format into a
proprietary format in the middle of the archive.

Be careful.


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