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Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Joerg Schilling wrote:
>>* star doesn't seem to be distributed and packaged as debian package, dar is
> star is available as debian package!

Ah, true. Excuse-me. I'm going to use it then!

>>* my interest is in doing slices for dvds, and have each of them be
>>readable even if one is lost/unreadable. I didn't find wether star can
>>achieve this; on the contrary I read that a tar achive splitted into
>>chunks needs to be completely readable to restore a single file.
> ??? You are using unsusual wording....

Sorry for my english being hard to understand.
I was told that an error on a tar achive can make it impossible to
restore a file from a non corrupted part of the archive. Is it true ?

star seems to be perfect. I'll use it.

Is it safe to try to use -tsize without -multivol ? Does it increase the
chances to restore an archive if one dvd is lost ?

Anyway I must solve the burned dvd mounting first :/
Jean-Christophe Michel

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